Can you believe we are at the last day of month 5! And what fun we have had! Fancy shows again today that she has learned to be soft in the face, to move her body when asked and side pass with ease! Read more
We started right off with our correct bend collection and sped up to a canter. Then showed how to side pass and started our correct reining spins. Great lesson, really starting to come together! Read more
Day 17 – We took Fancy into town today to play a skit for the kids at the school! Very fun and showed how all our training made for a fun day and a great time all the way around! Day 18 – Today we continued with our collection, and change our counter bend into […] Read more
Today we continued on our collection, speeding up the trot some and got good haunch and forehand turns. Started showing how we go into our spin, getting the correct body form. Read more
We brought Fancy out after a day off and she did really well. She is starting to realize that we are getting ready for her job so she is focusing quicker than she used too. We worked on collection again; counter bends and turns, haunch and forehand turns as well as addressing how to learn […] Read more
Fancy did some great haunch turns today and we started working on our counter bends and counter circles. Lots of explaining to help it all make sense! Read more
Today we worked on our collection and got Fancy to do a haunch turn from on her back. Read more
We continued our work on our collection at a walk and trot. We worked on our forehand turn again and then showed how to cue from the ground for a haunch turn. Read more
Today we showed our forehand turn again and did it on her back as well. We continued with collection, speeding up to our trot. Read more
We showed how to start teaching your horse to do a forehand turn from the ground then went into more collection. Fancy did good today and will soon be ready to speed up! Read more