We started with sacking out with the sheet then off to the indoor arena to lunge. She wanted to reverse a couple of times but we showed how to address it. Then recap all she has learned in her first month. Read more
Stared with some liberty in her stall, showed how to do the squeeze halter again. Sacked her out with her blanket then lunged her with it on in the indoor arena for her first time. Then more sack out with her blanket, including walking over it. Then her first time being tied, then how to […] Read more
Really worked on getting a good back, showing the different ways to get it. Then lunged again and more fly spray, humble hobble and put the stable sheet on her, showing some tips about the leg straps. Read more
Stared out with leading on the right then went into lunging. Also showed the humble hobble and how to use it to walk behind on a potentially kicky horse. Introduced a stable sheet to her too. Read more
We take Fancy into the little round corral and start teaching her to lunge. She tried to duck back some but we showed how to work with it. Did some more leading from the right working on keeping her away from us. Introduced flay spray and took her feet forward. Read more
Our last day of flagging off of Tonto, including starting to teach them to pony, then continued to work on leading and getting her to trot beside us. We also show how we sometimes give grain as we groom and work with the feet. Read more
Bad video, sorry. Have some questions we answered, did some more liberty work and continued with our flagging off horseback. Read more
We start with a touch of liberty work in her stall, and then trimmed her for the first time. We also flagged Fancy off horseback for the first time. I show how it relates to when I am on the ground. Read more
Rope treatment in her stall to start us off then to the indoor arena to work on flagging for focus and getting her to bend but not run threw the shoulder. Fancy is getting much better with the flag whipping around but she did struggle with the focus! Patted her more and rubbed her all […] Read more
Put a rope halter on her and showed the best way to halter one and how to tie a rope halter. 1st day in indoor arena continued work with leading and positioning from the left while including how to keep her off of us and being able to pet her as we walk. Also covered […] Read more