Today we took Fancy out on her last ride in Month 6 into the hills with the snow! She did great and I hope you don Read more
Today we continued our work with all the things we have taught Fancy and worked on her at the canter again. She was good one way then really fought us on the opposite side. Remember that it takes time to teach the technical stuff and many horses will resist the harder work, we just have […] Read more
We really worked on getting our soft face before asking her to push her hip in. Fancy was much better today and was even better at the lope too. Read more
We covered all the things we have already been working on and sped it up to a canter. The faster we go the harder it is for both the rider and the horse, so have patience! Read more
Today we worked on taking Fancy into a counter bend circle at a trot. It is a great practice before we go into a canter, then we can do counter canter circles which is necessary for good crisp flying lead changes. Read more
We worked on collection, counter bends, hip in and proceeded into the trot. Fancy is doing well but it takes time to teach them to do each of these maneuvers, so be patient! Read more
Today we showed again how to get our horse up next to the fence to get on. Then we went into our collection and added asking Fancy to bring her hip in as we worked around the arena. We also showed how to get her to push her hip all the way around into a […] Read more
Today we warmed up with groundwork and collection then went into getting her to move her hip in with her face bent by using the wall then progressed to moving her hip in on the straight stretches. Fancy did great! It is really starting to come together! Read more
Fancy had a couple of days off so we had to work on getting her focus again. Then we continued with our warm up of collection and then into our two track with her face and body going the same way. Read more
Today we continued with our two tracking along the wall, getting her to start bringing her head toward the way we were traveling. We also worked on our transition from a collected walk into a collected trot. Read more