Today we are sending Seeky home!!  We trimmed up his feet and taught him to load into a trailer.  He did a great job and his owners are so excited to have him at home!  We will see Seeky from time to time as he grows up and we hope to start him under saddle […] Read more
Today we worked with tying Seeky up as we cleaned out his feet, brushed him and got him use to us leaving and coming back.  Then we picked up a saddle pad and worked on getting him used to it on the ground and his back.  He did great! Read more
We took Seeky out to the outdoor arena today and walked across a cow hide, bridge and poles as well as drug an orange disk.  He was outstanding!! Read more
Today Seeky’s owners were out so I was able to let Mattie work with him.  I took time to show how to ask him for the basics and get him to respond to her as he is with me. Read more
Today we worked on lunging, rope treatment, leading, picking up feet, haunch turns and added a new trick!!  How to back when asked!!  He is doing great!!  We also finished with tying him up for a while. Read more
Today we skipped out lunging and worked on our leading and positioning, haunch turns, side passing, picking up feet, etc.  We finished up with tying him.  He is soooo smart and really doing fantastic!! Read more
Today Seeky’s family made it out again!  It was great to show them in person how wonderful he is doing!  We worked some more on his lunging, picking up his feet, side passing away, haunch turns, and also tied him up for a while!  Then let one of the girls up to visit with him […] Read more
Today we took Seeky out to the indoor arena. He thought it was play time but soon started to focus on his job!  We still are using our squeeze halter for lunging and getting him to continue to come towards us when we apply pressure.  He is really getting good!!  Little temper tantrum but not […] Read more
We worked Seeky again in the round pen teaching him how to actually “lunge” by adding a whip and asking him to stay in a steady pace longer than normal.  We also worked some more on leading and picking up his feet again. Read more
Before we started recording I had moved Shima around with 2 other horses, it really helped her as we started working her today.  We did some ponying, getting our move over and back off.  Then progressed to getting some of the same things on the ground.  She is doing great!! Read more