Before we started recording I had moved Shima around with 2 other horses, it really helped her as we started working her today.  We did some ponying, getting our move over and back off.  Then progressed to getting some of the same things on the ground.  She is doing great!! Read more
We did some more flagging with Shima off Tonto, working on getting her to back away and move off away from us.  She did really good!  We then did some leading on the ground and finished with tying her for the first time. Read more
We continued with our flagging and ponying, then did some leading from the ground and some moving her around with another horse. Read more
We continued with flagging Shima off horse back and including teaching her to “pony”. Read more
Today we continued with Shima and flagging but added in working her around in an arena with another horse to teach her how to move fluidly and get some extra energy out of her.  She is really starting to come around!  We can even hug her now! Read more
Today we continued with our flagging and added teaching Shima how to “pony”.  It makes it a lot easier to teach them in a controlled area then out in the hills the first time!  She did really well and we look forward to next week! Read more
This was the 2nd day flagging Shima and she is definitely getting much better!  We worked on rubbing her muzzle today too and are trying to go into her pen several times between sessions to get her better about us approaching her. Read more
We changed stuff up a bit today and took Shima into the indoor arena and flagged her off horse back.  This is a fantastic way to build confidence in a horse that is scared.  They have the security of another horse and the person is safer than being on the ground.  Also she started wanting […] Read more
Today we took Shima out into the round corral.  Things got a little crazy a couple of times but the work we put in all ready helped us out a ton! We worked moving in a circle with the flag as well as leading some from both sides.  We also lead her to her stall […] Read more
Today we show how to catch Shima with her halter and drag rope on.  We then went into some flag work and showed how we go from flag work to leading. Read more