Today we took Quixote back to the round corral and worked on leading.  He gave Taylor some issues about trying to drag her around so Kitty stepped in for a few minutes and showed how to stop that kind of behavior!  Quixote is a great little guy, but he is opinionated!!  Taylor then took him […] Read more
Today we worked on getting Quixote to lead around the round corral, then worked on getting him to move his hip around with out being physically pushed. He is getting it!! Read more
Today we took Quixote to the round corral.  I planned to have Taylor have his halter rope when he headed into the round corral, but she moved him into it earlier so we worked on catching him, which took a little while!!  After we caught him, we worked on getting him to move his hip […] Read more
Today we worked with Quixote and the flag, hoping to get him to move his hip and give to the rope.  The problem was, after a few minutes he had no issues with the flag and still didn’t want to give his nose!!  We changed tactics a bit and he did give and move his […] Read more
Today Taylor was able to get up to Quixote quite quickly and then get his halter on!! Then we worked on petting his face, and changing sides from the front.  They both did great!! Read more
We missed yesterday so Quixote wasn’t to sure he wanted to have us back up scratching him, but with some rope work he settled down.  We also worked on teaching him to back when we pulled on the rope, helping him understand how to be controlled! Read more
Today we continued with the rope, using it to help stop him if he wanted to walk away.  Taylor worked her way up to him quickly for scratches, progressed up his side and rub his check, then go around his hip to the other side and work her way up to that check!  She did […] Read more
We progressed to a rope on the end of our pole today and Quixote wasn’t sure about it but accepted it fairly well.  He is really a sweet guy and is progressing quickly!! Read more
This is the second day of working with Quixote, we started with the bamboo pole and worked our way right up to him again so Taylor could spend some time scratching him!!  He did spook a time or two but never tried to run away.  I think he likes this new mom he has!! Read more
This is the first day Taylor and I work together with her foal.  He is a nice quiet guy that I think will come around quickly!  We used the bamboo pole to start with and even though it was her first day working him she was able to get all the way up to his […] Read more