Today we brought Charlotte back over for weaning.  To say the least she was not happy!!  We hope to add more to this series but had some issues with the computer so this might be the only one.  Sorry! Read more
This is our last day of working Charlotte till she is weaned.  We recapped everything as always and then trimmed her feet.  We plan to bring her back when we wean her, hope to see ya then! Read more
We worked on progressing with our leading, from using a flag to just our arms, or halter rope.  More feet work too!! Read more
We worked a lot on picking up feet and she even tried to lay down a few times, but we kept with it till she could hold herself up! Read more
Now we are working Charlotte right in her new pen.  she has sure come a long way!  We continue recapping all we have learned and added stopping, backing and haunch turns. Read more
Today we changed things up a bit again!  We brought Charlotte out by herself and worked her till she started listening then tied her up and brought her mom out.  To say the least she wasn’t impressed!  We finished up by taking them out to a larger pen to stay in till they return home. Read more
We caught her again in the larger area, continued with flag work and really creating our bubble as we led her.  We finished with tying to our inner-tube again then put her away with out mom coming with us. Read more
We start today with catching Charlotte in a larger area.  She didn’t think she had to be caught either!  Luckily I’m not good at giving up!  We continued with leading and finished up with tying her for the first time to an inner-tube. Read more
Today we ventured to a larger area!  As Charlotte gets better the lessons will get harder!  We really start working on her leading now! Read more
We continued our work in the round corral and Charlotte is definitely improving! Read more