Wild Mustang Program

One day while talking with a friend who had been working to rehome hundreds of foals at the nearby Indian Reservation that were sentenced for death, she mentioned she had a few foals left that she hadn’t been able to find homes for. I told her I had an idea. You supply the foals and feed, and I’ll find the kids. I will teach the kids how to gentle and halter train these baby foals. She said GREAT, I’ll deliver them tomorrow and the Wild Foal and Kids Program began.

The 1st year of the program we had 6 foals and 7 kids participate. These babies arrived untouchable and the kids spent 8 months working to halter break and train them in basic ground handling skills. The kids dedicated hundreds of hours coming out to the ranch 3-5 times a week in order to gain the trust of these wild babies and teach them safe ground manners. The kids were able to show their yearling at the 4H horse fair in showmanship, in-hand trail, and ground training exhibit. They participated in local parades and performed a demonstration at the county horse expo. Five of those kids adopted their foals, and 3 of them still live at our place today so that their owners have a place to continue to work with them.

In the 2nd year of our program we had 10 foal and kid pairs!! Eight of those kids adopted their yearlings and 1 of them will be boarding with us full time at the ranch. The kids who are able to take their babies home will come back frequently to continue learning how to move forward in training their horses.

My biggest motivation in providing my training time and ranch resources to this program is watching these kids and horses grow in their confidence and abilities. I have watched some of the most timid and shy kids and horses come out of their shells and blossom into confident, caring individuals who have a unbreakable bond. Even if these kids never touch a horse again, the life lessons and stories they created during their time here are life long memories that some people may never have the opportunity to participate in.



Some of the Kids and Mustangs that have gone through our program

If you are interested in learning more information or participating in the Wild Foal Training Program please check out our Facebook page or contact us at laumantraining@gmail.com

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