Today we came out and worked Fancy on some leading and positioning then into some circles to get focus before we stepped on. She started out great and then tried to refuse to turn at the lope. Kitty really stuck with her and she finished good! Read more
We continued our work on straight lines today, showing how our turns help us achieve straight lines. Fancy did great! Read more
Today we brought Fancy out after 6 days off and she was quite spry!! She attempted to buck around on the lunge line and I showed different things you can do to get her attention back on you. We never let a horse learn to play on the lunge line, if that is ok, so […] Read more
I was sick yesterday so we missed working Fancy but today we recapped some turns, did some good rollbacks and stops! Fancy finished with taking a trail ride out with the kids! We will be gone hunting the next few days so we will have to finish up month 4 when we get back! Have […] Read more
Today we worked again on Fancy’s turns and stops. We had some mic issues so I had to voice over the best I could, sorry about that but I think we got if fixed! Read more
Today we are back on Fancy after about a 2-week break with her swollen jaw line. The vet said she should be fine so to go back to working her! We recapped some of our groundwork in her pen to get her focus then saddled her up and headed into the outdoor arena were we […] Read more
Today I asked Larry if he minded me working Cush instead. He didn’t have a problem with it so I did some groundwork with him then rode him. I tried to show the differences in what I did versus what Larry did so that he and Cush could both learn! Read more
We continued with putting stuff together and worked on getting it better! Also show Fancy and heading into the vet, she is ok and we will be back on her next week! Read more
Today we headed to the outdoor arena and started putting all the stuff we had learned to use, including turns at a canter. Read more
Today we continued after a day off on our turns, stops and show why we need to drop our body, not brace our feet in our stops. Read more