Today we used Fancy to flag a green colt! She did really good! Flagging is a great training aid whether it is for the flagged colt or the flagging saddle horse! Read more
Shontae joined us for a lesson today and we worked on our stops and backing through and around 3 cones. It was a great day for learning! Our tape ran out on us but we still had a long lesson! Read more
Day 16 – We continued our technicals, working with the flag and whip, then introduced the roping rope. Day 17 – Fancy didn Read more
Day 14 – We worked on our backing over the bridge again, included the start to neck reining and showed how to tie up her tail. Day 15 – Today we worked Fancy with a flag and a whip off her back. We also recapped some technicals that we haven Read more
Today we had our lesson again and unfortunately we had some mic issues. I am normally loud so you can hear me most of the time. We worked on backing over logs then back onto the bridge! Read more
Day 9 – We are taking Fancy out in the hills before our videos so the videos may get shorter but they will be full of information! Today we continued working on backing through poles, making them closer. Day 10 – We headed out to the hills showing how to back up hills and to […] Read more
We had a group lesson today and worked on walking and trotting over poles as well as backing through poles. Read more
Today we show blanketing Fancy after I rode her some in the arena but we mainly talk about things to look for in shoeing and why. We show a mare that was poorly shod and what to look for and how to keep you horse sound in the feet. Read more
We had some friends and clients out for a lesson and included it with Fancy Read more