We worked Buckshot again in the outdoor arena. He wanted to play today instead of work so he got mad at us and acted like a little kid not getting his way! We worked him through it and he finely got over his fit! Read more
We took Buckshot out into the outdoor arena today and worked on lunging and some obstacles. He did great! Then we turned him loose to let him enjoy the freedom and we will see how he is to catch back up! Read more
Buckshot came out a quieter boy today! 3 days in a row of hard work tend to get a horse to focus! He did great lunging and we tied up his front feet again and he did fantastic! We also worked on him turning with the rope behind his hip. Read more
Today we lunged Buckshot again and worked on our leading and positioning some more as well as using the humble hobble to get him to keep his feet up. He did great! Nice guy! Read more
We worked on our lunging and picking up feet. Buckshot had a couple of days off so he was feeling pretty frisky! We also worked on our leading and positioning as well as rope treatment and picking up his feet. Read more
We worked with Buckshot and his blanket for a bit then ponied him around off Tonto then headed out to the hills! He was excited to say the least but he did great! Read more
We lunged Buckshot again and sacked him out some more with the blanket and put it on him. He gave us a little problem with picking up his back foot but he finished great! Quite comical with his blanket too! Read more
Today we worked Buckshot on the lunge line again. He did really well, we picked up his feet with the rope and introduced him to a blanket. He is sure on his way to being a nice horse! Read more
We lunged Buckshot for the first time today. He did very well and we also did our official rope treatment to him and got him to give his feet to the pressure. Read more
Today we really got Buckshot to move with us and yet to stay back were he belongs. He pushed us just enough at one point that Tonto and I went down. We finished up with tying and brushing with a currycomb. Read more